Had a Great Lunch & Walmart

Today I had lunch with my best friend, Robin at a local Chinese restaurant. It was so good. We had a good time and I even tried sushi which I could not stand the taste of the seaweed. Just not my thing that’s for sure. They even have a new mongolian grill which is kind of like those japanese steakhouses and it’s pretty neat. I didn’t get anything but still it looked good. Robin and I talked forever and afterwards we went on over to Walmart so that I could grab some more fabric to make another purse with and Robin is going to check with her aunt to see if she could monogram the purses that I make for a low if not any price. Cool! I also grabbed some more tulle to make more tutu’s with. I’m going to make one more for Olivia and then the others that I make I am going to sell them so if you want one just let me know. 🙂 The price that I’m charging for them are $20 plus shipping (unless you live locally then there will be no shipping cost). I’m super excited about doing this and can’t wait until this evening so that I can make more. I grabbed a few different colors and the price was much less than it was for the tulle I got from Hancock Fabrics on Greenville.

So today it’s super cool out and I’m super happy about this. Olivia will be able to play outside today again. Only she’ll get to play a little longer since she doesn’t have to clean her room and yes I’ll take her on a walk too. I might myself ride my bike. Depends on if I have time to clean it up. I might in a few weeks have a seat to go on the back of the bike for sale. So I’ll keep you all up to date on that when it happens. Olivia just needs to get a little better on her bike to do that. So tonight I’m hoping she’ll wear herself out again and go to bed without a fuss tonight. She’s gotten 2 stickers in a row for going to bed without a fuss. Tonight if she does it will make 3 then she will only need 2 more to get to go out to dinner on friday night. I’m thinking that maybe she’ll be spending the night with her daddy on Saturday night which is fine with me. Then the following weekend she’ll be with her grandparents to go to the pumpkin festival and spend the night there. I’ve got my weekend basically free but I can’t count on her going every weekend. I will need some weekends with her at home to go to our church which this coming up Sunday I’m thinking of driving to Tarboro to go to that church. Just have to figure out exactly what i want to do.

I think I’ve written enough on this post. Sorry for the long post but I have a lot going on right now which is good.

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