Lately I’ve been going to a therapist (and I’m not ashamed to say that) to help me through this hard time in my life, the separation. Well they had ruled out one thing but now they are not going to rule out another thing. I’m not too sure if this means I have to change medication or not but if I do I hope it helps me out. I just want to be normal like everyone else. I mean we all have our flaws and I’m not the one to say I’m perfect, I do admit when I’m wrong, sometimes like all women right? I am finding who I am through all of this and getting back to being who I really am. The fun, crazy Charlotte who likes to do spontaneous things. 🙂 hehehe.

Olivia had an ok morning. She didn’t get her sticker last night because she refused to go to bed so no sticker on her calendar for last night. Oh well, I’m praying that today we don’t have another bad day at school. Mom had to go back to her classroom as well yesterday. Well there is this new doctor in town who deals with nothing but children ADHD. I’m going to see if I can get Olivia in to see her and see about making a plan to get her in the right direction. I know Olivia is not good with changes but nothing has changed for her. So we shall see I guess. I will write more later when I have time to. I have a lot to do today at work. 🙂

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