Tomorrow I’m going to meet one of my good friends for lunch in Rocky Mount. We haven’t eaten out in a while so I think that it will be fun and it gives us both mommy time alone. 🙂 So it looks like we might be lucky enough to deal with that childless. Knowing us we’ll go to the chinese restaurant over by Big Lots in Rocky Mount because it’s our favorite place to go to. We can get what we want have about an hour to eat and then some and then go back to work all full! I’m also meeting with Terry before lunch to get some mail from him. Since I’m lazy and haven’t changed my mailing address. hahaha. I’m lazy when it comes to that.

Well tonight I’m not sure what Olivia and I are going to eat. Definitely not out. I will probably fix her some chicken nuggets, some kind of veggie and some fruit. Then she will have a bath and be put to bed. I’m praying that she’s had a better day today than yesterday at school. Keeping my fingers crossed that is. 😉 Please pray that she will start focusing in school because I really don’t want to put her on meds but if that’s the way to go then I will have to. Do any of you have a child with ADHD and have them on meds? If so let me know…I’m just trying to weigh my options right now.

Thanks to all my readers…you all are the best!!!

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