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I’m so Proud of her!

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I’m so proud of Olivia this morning. This morning was like night and day from every morning we’ve had so far this school year. She had a bath where she played for around 30 minutes in it and then she washed herself too the correct way. We didn’t wash her hair but tonight we will. Then at dinner she went ahead and ate all of her dinner we had baked spaghetti and bread and fruit. She did such a good job eating all of it without a fuss. Last night Olivia was in bed by 9pm (we ate dinner a little late), and she didn’t get up from her bed. That is the first time that I have not had to fight with her to go to bed! I had to get her up this morning because she was still sleeping. I’m so proud of her because instead of fussing with me she and elmo came into my room, got dressed in their clothes and then went downstairs to hide from me because I realized the shirt she picked out she’d get hot in. It was long sleeves and it’s honestly not that cold out. hehehe.

Olivia and Elmo brushed their teeth together, went to the bathroom together, took their medicine together and got their lunch made by me. This morning Olivia didn’t want to eat what she was having at school so I packed her a turkey sandwich, some oranges (she originally picked the one that has jello but since she can’t have the red#40 she put it back with no fuss) and some cookies and a capri sun fruit juice. I put her in the car with no fussing either. But we have used Elmo as the friend that holds all of mommies hugs and kisses and she knows that if she gets sad or wants mommy she is to pick up Elmo and he has a hug and a kiss for her. It’s great! I’m really hoping that works too. Olivia has had some separation anxiety and we’re going to be trying several things with her to get her thru this. Today overall Olivia was just as happy and I couldn’t ask for a better morning!

The above picture is Olivia a year ago when we went to the children’s museum.

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