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Family Vacation in Jersey

I remember when we lived in Maryland we used to visit our family in New Jersey. We would actually take several trips up there every year. Not only did we visit family but we too had taken several family beach vacation as well. One of the places that we went to is to Wildwood, NJ and we had a blast there. There are a lot of things to do and we had even gone to Morey’s Pier which is located on the boardwalk and has a lot of things to do. The boardwalk is my favorite only because no one can beat the Boardwalk fries from the northern states. Gosh! I miss going there but the drive is way too long for me to go now a days. Well if you go now you’d actually get some really good specials on some wildwood hotels motels. So if you’re looking to go on a family vacation and want to have fun, eat and play games just head on to Wildwood, NJ. I’ll have to plan a trip back there one week in the next few years. Just remember that every day is like a Friday and Saturday night. It’s full of fun!!! If you live in the area then head on over there. Have a birthday party or a family reunion there. Do whatever just enjoy yourselves. You’ll be on Vacation!

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