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It’s Friday!

I can’t believe that today is Friday. It seems so unreal too. I just want to shout for joy because tomorrow I’m leaving for Maryland. I’m going to be in the Catonsville area and I might even get to see an old friend who is going to be in Columbia as well. šŸ™‚ We will only be there for really one day and but still, I’m getting a break from Olivia. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Olivia to death but I too need a break from her and this is the perfect opportunity. I am hoping that while we’re in the area I can go to Old Ellicott City and take some pictures there. They have the most wonderful places to go to. But if not that’s fine. There will always be more chances to go up to Maryland. I do plan on taking a trip up there in October so can’t wait for that. And that’s only if I have money.

I am doing a photo shoot for my friends engagement pictures on October 4th. I have a few more photo shoots that I’m going to go ahead and book too. It looks like my business is starting to pick up and I like it that way. So if you all live near by and would like for me to take your photos just let me know. Plus Melissa asked me what my prices are for weddings so I guess this weekend I’ll have to get some drawn up. If her original person she chose to take her photos decides not to do it then I will get the job. I might ask her if I can come and take pictures anyways to get a hands on feel for how a wedding shoot will go. I’m so excited that I’m following one of my dreams. Yes I do have a lot of dreams but don’t we all?

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