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Photo Shoot & Teeth

Yesterday I had my first photo shoot with another family and I felt it went really well. I have already edited the pictures and will post some later on today. I wanted to let the mom look at some of them before I posted them. It’s only fair I feel. We had a lot of fun and I think EJ really loved the lollipop part. I have ordered more lollipops through Oriental Trading because I have a feeling I’ll be doing this shot a lot more. It’s fun and I got a lot of shots with EJ outside eating the candy. For those of you who live in the are don’t forget to check out my Photography Page for pricing and packages.

Well I’m supposed to have a root canal done today but I’m probably going to cancel and go to a doctor that can do it with my insurance. I don’t want to chance the insurance not going through and me having to pay out of pocket, $700. So I’m going to call today and cancel the appointment. I mean I’m not the one to normally cancel appointments they are. So I am going to find a different doctor today to have this procedure done. I’m on antibiotics and also on pain meds which I started up last night after I got home from the photo shoot. So I’m praying the doctor I called last night will be able to call me today and schedule something today or tomorrow.

Well it’s raining out and so I sent Olivia to school with jeans on and her raincoat of course. I felt it would be better with long pants so that we can avoid her getting sick. I’m also going to call the doctor and see if there is any way to get her scheduled to speak with him about putting her on medicine for her ADHD. Well that’s about it right now. Going to go lie down for a little bit longer. Didn’t sleep well last night.

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