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Labels…Lots of Labels

Now that Olivia has started school and she’s really enjoying it. I’ve thought to myself to since she’s going to school and I have to label different things with a permanent marker then why not just invest in a labeler instead. I used to have an old school one back in the days but I think it got lost when we made our move from Maryland to North Carolina in 1996. But if I could get a new one then I could go label crazy with keeping up with her file folders that she brings home. Plus I could use them to keep up with the files that I make to keep her artwork in as well at home. Another cool way that I could use the labels is to also keep track of Olivia’s things that go to school like her pencils and her folders and her backpack even. I know that if she lost her backpack, she’d be devastated. I know I would. Olivia will take her lunch every now and then and she has a princess sandwich container that she loves and the one I got from Target for her. I would use the Dymo Labels to put her name and number on the container so that it won’t get lost. That way we’re sure it would come home with her and not another little girl in her class. 
So all in all the Dymo Labeling System would work great for us this school year and I’m sure I could definitely find many more ways to use the system around the house. 

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