Half-Day, school

Half-Day Today

Today is a half-day at school. Olivia will be picked up from school I believe around 12 or 12:30pm. Then around 3:15-3:30pm I’m going to pick her up from daycare and then go on to Wilson for my first photoshoot. I have to stop by one place in Wilson to grab something and then I’ll be headed to the house where I have the shoot at. I am going to be bringing Olivia with me and hopefully I can locate her bubbles if not then I’ll pick some up at Walmart in Nashville before I pick her up today. But I am excited about this shoot. 🙂 I have some good ideas that I’m going to try out with the family and a few props too. 

This morning Olivia actually got dressed for me without a fuss and she had to of course wear her Snow White shirt. She is really into Snow White right now and so I’m praying that for Christmas we can find a costume for her. I found one on Disney.com but they wanted $44 for it and I refuse to pay that much for a costume. Plus she’s going to want to wear it everyday after that and to Disney on Ice I’m sure. So I don’t want to make an investment into something like that. But I have found some online for around $20. Not bad. Well the dog has just come back inside so I’m going to go put him back outside and then head on upstairs to get ready for the day. 

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