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I Applied for Financial Aid


I did it this evening. I applied for Financial Aid through FAFSA. I want to go back to school this spring to become an LPN and I know I can do it. I just found out that I might actually not have to take one class because I already have it. I’m so excited too. Thank goodness the school still has my other records on file from when I went to school back in 1999 when I took the beginning computer class that I aced. But there are a few that I need to check into about doing online. I even found out that I can take my Biology classes online which is really neat. So if I get help then I should be able to go to school part time. I’m excited, can you tell? 

While I was waiting to find my pin number for the application I decided to play around with the settings on my camera and actually took a few good pictures with it. So what do you think?


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