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She Had a Good Day!

Yesterday was Olivia’s first full school day (all day long that is) and she had a great day. She told me she had pink milk instead of chocolate milk and that makes it much better for me when she gets home from daycare and school. She can get quiet rowdy if she has any kind of chocolate and so we try and keep her away from it. Well we did have one thing happen yesterday, apparently the teachers did not check Olivia’s backpack for her folder and instead told mom that we didn’t send it. Well when I picked up Olivia the first thing that I checked was her backpack because I knew I had put it back in there. Yup sure enough the teachers didn’t check the backpacks and so her folder was right there the whole time. Mom was going to make sure today that she gave her folder to the teachers so that there will be no fuss. Her blankie was also in her backpack as well so that went back to school today. 

I’m hoping for a better day as well too. The Adjustment is going good so far!

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  1. Hi! I used to visit you (and vice versa), but I haven’t been able to be very active with Entrecard lately.

    This is a new design, right? I really like it, your header is so adorable! I have our son on the waiting list for Headstart, but no luck so far…

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