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I’m so Sleep Deprived!

Yes. I am sleep deprived. The past 3 nights Olivia has been having a problem going to bed but thank goodness we found out the reason. She has had some discharge coming out of her right ear and it dawned on me early this morning, say around 3am when she was still up, she must have an ear infection for sure. This morning I sent her to daycare. Plus the doctors couldn’t get her in until 1:45pm so that gave me several hours to get some work done. She saw Dr. B and he is awesome! He was a little concerned over the fact that she keeps having these recurrent ear infections even though she has tubes in her ears. I guess we’ll have to talk to Dr. K. when we see him next time. I guess it’s a blessing that Olivia doesn’t start PreK until Wednesday because this would have been a draw back for her. She was put on Augmentin for the next 10 days and is on a pretty strong dose to help battle this infection. I dropped her prescription off at Kerr Drug in Nashville and picked it up and they actually flavored the medicine for her because it did have a bitter taste. They did that for free. How nice of them. I thanked them for doing that for Olivia. She took it like a champ for once.

Today I scheduled my first photoshoot with a friend and I’m going to be taking pictures of her two children. I have a few things planned for them both and for each once individually. She is going to love them. Also I picked up a new black full sized sheet to use as the backdrop since I don’t have any other drape. I’m also going to check out the sheets we might have upstairs that I can use. I heard that if you are just starting out in Photography that you can use what might work the best for you. I did take a few pictures of Olivia this afternoon of one of the things I plan on doing for my friends children. I saw this idea through some other moms on cafemom and thought I can do that too. I hope you enjoy them. I did some editing to them but they came out pretty nice. I know it’s only 10:20pm but I’m getting ready to head to bed. I’ll update on how Olivia is doing tomorrow. I’m going to try to set up another shoot with one of my friends from church. She wanted some pictures taken of her little boy. I’m so excited that I’m getting to live one of my dreams out.

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