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What a Nice Day!


Today was such a pleasant day for us. I got to sleep in and Olivia was up at the crack of dawn. Well after I was woken up by Olivia jumping on top of me I went downstairs and made us breakfast. This is a once in a lifetime thing for me because I rarely want breakfast. I made pancakes for all of us and they were so good. Olivia ate a good 2 pancakes for me and the rest of us had two as well. Yummy. Pancakes. I might have to make more in the near future. I decided to keep the container it came in so that I can use it for the next time I make them. it’s much nicer to shake the batter rather than to stir it and dirty up more than one thing in order to prepare the batter. After breakfast Olivia decided that she wanted to throw a temper tantrum over nothing. So while she was having that I went on upstairs and took a shower, did my hair and got dressed. I even put on makeup so it was a good day for me.

Olivia had been asking lately if we could go feed the ducks so that’s what we did. We went on to Rocky Mount’s City Lake to feed the ducks only there weren’t any ducks there…only geese. And the geese were the kind that if you didn’t feed them quick enough they’d come after you. We called them the scary geese and it was the attack of the killer geese to us. Luckily we ran out of bread quickly. Olivia wouldn’t even touch the bread. Instead she just squealed over excitement and fear. After that we headed out to where the bridge was at the lake and took a few pictures. I liked several of them. I’m so happy that I’ve decided to start up this photography business. It’s just what I want to do in my life. About a year ago I got my camera that I’m using now and then on that post I put on there that I’d love to start my own photography business one day. Well I’m just about there. I’m going to start taking pictures for some friends and then it will be all good. I’m going to try and get in touch with one of the girls at church and see if I can take a picture of her little boy…he’s so adorable. I could take him home and raise him myself for her. LOL. Ok back to the day (I got a little off task there). After the lake we headed on down to the mall where we went into Best Buy where I found the perfect camera I want next…the Nikon D40 (or D40x) and then went down to Victoria Secret to get my free pair of undies and then headed over to Belk to get some facial cleaning set from Clinique. My skin is so off whack that I need to get it back to normal so yes I did spend a good $60 there but it went towards a good cause…my skin! Afterwards we headed on down to the GameStop so that I could ask a question but never got to because there was a bunch of young kids making a ruckus in there.

Then it was off to Target where I actually went in there, got what I needed and came out. Nothing extra. *Gasp* I know! Then we went to Cook Out where we got some awesome food and to Hollywood Video and got us two movies to watch. It was awesome. Tonight we just hung out around the house and I edited some of the pictures I took today. I’ve posted a few so I hope you all like them! Let me know what you think of them?

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