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Awesome Book Review!!!

Last week I got an email from the library telling me that one of the books I had requested had come in and was ready for me to come get it. I was really excited because it was just what I wanted to read. Yes I got caught up in the Tori and Dean Television show this year and have been anxiously awaiting to read her book that came out in the spring. Although I could have purchased the book I waited until it was ready at the library like I always do. Well I got this book on Thursday of last week and had already finished reading the book on Sunday. It was so hard to put the book down. I have always liked Tori Spelling but was unaware of how her childhood was and everything that she has gone through already in her life. Tori has been through a strange but normal childhood and she really is a down to earth person. If I had an opportunity to sit and spend time with her I would. She wants to be treated like a normal person and not like a celebrity like we all think she does. She also doesn’t go shopping for really expensive clothing either and loves to go bargain shopping. That’s so cool. So do I! I mean yes I can put down some money on a few things but honestly I’d rather spend less on me and more on Olivia. Tori and I have so much in common and she seems like she is a great person who is funny and I will continue to watch her show Tori and Dean. If you want a comedy and a book that is fun to read then I would suggest going to the library and picking up a copy of sTori Telling by Tori Spelling. It’s an amazing book and I’ll most likely ask for a copy of the book for Christmas from my grandparents or from my aunt and uncle who both love to read. My next book review will be by Julie Andrews called Home: a memoir of her early years. I can’t wait to get that book from the library next week!!!

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