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Fun Picture Day

Yesterday I decided that for Terry’s Birthday we would take pictures of Olivia around the yard and have some printed off for him. Needless to say I had a ball doing this and so did Olivia. It couldn’t have gone any better. Now she did get a scrap on her face from one of the trees she went in but that’s ok. We still had a good time.

As for the dinner. We ate at Andy’s and it was good. Afterwards we went to Food Lion where we picked up a few more items that we needed. Olivia starts school next Wednesday and she is really excited. We have to go to her Open House on Thursday of this week. After her open house we are going to head on over to the main part of the school and go find my mom so that she can see her. I can’t wait for Olivia to start PreK. Now it’s going to be up to my hormones if I cry or not that day. We shall see! I’m getting ready to head to bed now. I hop you all have a great evening!

Olivia up in a tree

Looking like she’s in trouble
Praying in the Grass
Picking the Grass


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