Idina Menzel, Product Review

Idina Menzel “I Stand” CD Review

Yesterday I received in the mail a copy of Idina Menzel’s latest Album, “I Stand” to review. Wow! This young lady has an Amazing Voice. As soon as I opened the cd up I went ahead and popped it into my CD player on my computer and started listening to it. I have to say that Idina has an amazing and powerful voice. Her songs are all good and I found that I have been listening to her CD all the time. I have listened to it since I got it. It’s very relaxing and to keep on while I’m working. I enjoy to listen to her and her songs have a meaning to them as well. I have fallen in love with a few of the songs like I Stand, Brave, Forever, Where Do I Begin, and Better To Have Loved. With the CD the song lyrics have been provided to you as well. I’m starting learning the words now so that I can sing along with the CD. All the songs are very catchy and you will find that with the words some of them you can relate to. I know that some of the songs I definitely can relate to with what is going on with my life. My sister would love this CD as well. I’m going to have to share it with her. As I’m writing this review I am listening to Idina. All in all, Idina is an Amazing Singer! Definitely worth seeing in concert!!! I’ll have to check out her tour dates to see if she’s coming anywhere near where I live.

So if you haven’t ever heard of Idina Menzel or haven’t heard of latest songs from her new CD then head on over to Now Go out and Purchase this CD. You will fall in love with it and also with Idina!

What’s my Overall thought on the Album…It is Awesome and Idina is a Very Talented Person!!!!

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