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Happy Birthday Terry!!!

Today is Terry’s Birthday and Olivia and I have been working on a special project all yesterday evening for him. It’s not much but it came from our hearts and that’s all that matters right? So Olivia and I are going to be taking him to dinner tonight somewhere in Nashville because I don’t have a lot of money and he doesn’t want for me to spend a lot on him anyways. He’s already made that clear to me. But I felt that what we have for him for his birthday he is going to Love…or at least I hope he will. Olivia is making him a birthday card for him at school because she went to bed early last night. That was a first in a long stinkin’ time. She asked her teacher today at daycare if during arts if she could make him a card. Her reply was “sure!”. So that settles it. It’s going to be a good birthday for him and I hope that he has a good one even though he’s at work right now.

Tonight Olivia will be getting a bath and then heading to bed early. We should know sometime this week of who Olivia has as a teacher (well I already know the first name but not the last name) and what she will be needing for the school year. Mom told me yesterday that the reason we hadn’t gotten the information was because the school had just gotten the information. Nice. So they want to make it down to the last wire there. School starts back next Monday. This is going to be fun. We have to get Olivia adjusted to a set schedule now that she’s going to be going to big girl school…and mommy too. No more sleeping in late for us. Well that’s about it that I can say for right now. I’ll update more later after our dinner with Terry.

Happy Birthday Terry!!! We love you!

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