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Meeting At Daycare

This evening I had a meeting at Olivia’s daycare to discuss a few things that has been happening. Like parents not paying or the parking matters but other than I talked with the owner of the daycare about what will happen when Olivia starts school. Like the process of how they pick her up. I was very worried about it and now I understand so that makes me feel better about it. I can’t believe that it’s not going to be much longer before Olivia starts school. I’m hoping we’ll get something in the mail about what she will need for school like school supplies of if that’s going to be provided to them? I don’t know. But she said that Olivia has her days that she gets her name written on the board but their working on it now. Made me feel better that my child is not the only person in the class that gets in trouble. Tomorrow I’m going to take off a name on the list of who can pick Olivia up and add a few names onto there. So that will make more at ease.

Well this was a good evening and it made it even better because Olivia ate a good dinner and she went to church.

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