Product Review, Renuzit TriScents

My House Smells So Good!!!


Recently I received a product to try out in my home and do a review on it. I was lucky enough to try out Renuzit TriScents. I received the Seaside Breezes Collection which include 3 scents in the kit: Relaxing Waves, Beach Breezes and Ocean Oasis. They all smell so good and I love the Beach Breezes and the Relaxing waves. The package came with the TriScents, Coupons and also a tip sheet. The tip sheet has tips from Tanya Memme, host of the A&E Emmy-nominated hit show, Sell this House on how you can paint a room and plug in your TriScents in the room where you just painted or it will help eliminate the scent of pets and it will help freshen up your entire house. I have my Renuzit upstairs in the main section of the house. You can smell it upstairs in every room including the bathrooms (which Olivia sometimes forgets to flush the toilet) and also you can smell the scent downstairs too. I love how it will keep you whole house smelling good. I have to say that when I was watching a few episodes of Sell this House over the weekend I noticed that Tanya had several of the TriScents in each episode and fell in love with them. Plus I’ve told my friends about the experience I’ve had with the product. Next time I go shopping at Walmart or at Target I’ll be sure to take a coupon. If you too would like to try out the product as well just head on over to and print off a coupon for the Starter Kit. I know that I might have to get me a second one to put in my parents room. Hurry! You don’t want to miss out on this awesome product!!!
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