My Favorite Vacation and a $150 iTunes Card

Recently I was thinking of some of my favorite vacations and I’d say that one of them was the trip to Orlando when we took the auto train down and drove back to Maryland. Oh how that was so much fun. Our trip started off waiting for the train to come to Lorton, VA where we had to board the train and load up the van. We were traveling with my best friends family so there were a total of 10 people going. How fun, right? Well it was. The trip was taken in 1996 the same summer we moved to North Carolina. I remember that the entire night on the train we couldn’t sleep because it was too noisy and was a little chilly on the train. We instead had several contests like who could stick the most blowpops in their mouth, and we played “chubby bunny” with marshmallows. Oh how that was so much fun. Then when we got down there we went on to our place where we were staying at and had a good time. Yet the a/c was broken and so after that we asked for a new place to stay and one that was a little closer to Orlando. We got about 5 minutes from downtown and that was sweet. We all went to Disney together and if you want to make the adults blush well all 6 kids knew how to do it. LOL. We couldn’t help it either. I mean that was my first time (well that I could remember) going and it was so cool. We even got a mickey shaped balloon. Who could give that up? I still have it to this day packed away in a box full of memories. Well we spent a week down there and we still feel like we didn’t see everything there was to see there. Then on our way home we stopped in Nashville, NC to see our “new” house that we had purchased. It was so much fun too! I will say that was a very long trip home though and I would do it all over again!!! I only wish that when we drove through Washington, DC we would have visited Madame Tussauds because I think seeing a Wax Museum is awesome. I’ve seen the one in Myrtle Beach and I would love to go see the one in New York City or Las Vegas.

Now wouldn’t you love to win this $150 Itunes Card? Man I would…but you can try to win it by subscribing to this newsletter. I have already signed up for it. So we will see. But if you are also planning a family vacation or a little getaway then why not check out these online travel guides. You never know when you might find a good deal or a place you’d like to travel to. I know there are several places I’d love to visit but first I have to have some extra money to spend while on a trip!!!

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