Looking for Relief?

Do you or someone you know have carpal tunnel and are looking for some relief? I have several family members who have carpal tunnel syndrome and I know its a struggle everyday to do the simple daily things like writing or typing on the computer. My brother has it and it has only occurred after his car accident that happened almost 3 years ago. It’s really hard to believe it too! Richard has trouble typing or even doing the simple things like holding something because the pain is so great. Well now there is something new that he can try to get carpal tunnel relief. He can try the SmartGlove to help with his typing and writing and whatever he needs to use it for. The SmartGlove is made to help those with carpal tunnel syndrome do the simple things and will help the pain and give them some kind of relief. I know it might be hard to believe but it’s true. I know for me there are several days that it hurts to type or that I get severe cramps in my wrists and I blame that on my injuries I’ve had to them but now after doing some kind of research I feel that maybe I too have carpal tunnel as well. I might even invest in getting an IMAK smartglove or even the wrist cushion for my keyboard. It would help but I am going to get my brother to check out the website for the IMAK SmartGlove because this could help him at home and at work. My mom too could use it. So lots of people can get off the pain meds and just use the SmartGlove. Think of how your body would do without all the drugs! I’m sure you’d feel much better about it.

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