Ear Pain

Yesterday Olivia started to complain of her right ear hurting. So I figured she just got some left over water in it and lets get it out. Well I put a few ear drops in the ear to see if the pain would stop and that just lead to her screaming and crying and wanting to be consoled. The pain was bad and I thought well I guess Monday morning I’ll be taking her to the doctors to have her ear looked at. I asked her though if she wanted to leave with me yesterday morning and we’d go on home. But she wanted to stay with her Mom-mom and PaPop so she did. Last night I could tell she still didn’t feel well just by the way her voice sounded. I guess tonight she’ll be sleeping with me. I’m super tired but don’t feel like taking a little nap because I should be getting a phone call telling me they are leaving to come drop her off. So we’ll just go from there. Tonight I’ll be holding her and taking care of her then. I hate that my baby girl is sick but she has been much better these past few months.

Oh yeah, you might have noticed I’ve done a few other posts and those are the paid posts. I’m trying to save up for Christmas and also for a new camera!

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