Last Day of VBS

Tonight is the final night of VBS. We have had a blast with it and I even played the game last night of Kickball. It’s been years since I’ve played and I had fun with it. I even scored a run. I think we all had fun and it was great to feel like a kid again. Olivia has also enjoyed VBS. She has been extremely tired when she gets home that going to bed has been wonderful. Only last night she didn’t feel like going to bed so she took out her lego’s and poured them on the floor. I asked her to pick them up this morning and she told me that I was going to do. She lost them for the day and will get them back tomorrow. I’m thinking that tomorrow night we’re going to go to my inlaws because on Saturday we’re having our hair done by a friend in Tarboro. She does a great job and tonight I’m going to dye my hair darker. I’ve been wanting to go back to my natural color and so I’m going to do. I need a new look for the fall. I’m starting to feel better about myself and this is going to be good for me as a stepping stone.

I will be taking the camera tonight and so there will be pictures to view soon. I’ll upload them to my photoshop and edit them and then I’ll be uploading them to my flickr account. I love flickr too. It’s much easier to use than photobucket. Now I still use photobucket for some things with graphics for myspace but use flickr for my photography. 🙂

Oh yeah with Christmas coming up in just a few short months I’ve already started thinking ahead. I have already gotten Olivia a christmas present. She’s going to be so excited because she’s going to see Disney On Ice this year and I got her front row tickets. I know she is going to want to wear her disney outfit anyways. So what have you been doing to get ready for Christmas shopping?

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