Tax Free Weekend!

This weekend is Tax Free Weekend in North Carolina. I can’t wait at all. I have some extra cash so that I can get Olivia a few extra things. I hope that the sales will be awesome too. My inlaws are going with us too and that’s gonna give them some time with Olivia. Terry will have Olivia on Sunday so that will be nice too. I can have the entire day to rest. I might go take some pictures of myself of have a friend go with me. I just want to start up this photography business is all. But it might take a little bit of time to do it. I’m trying to find a couple pictures that I have taken recently of me and of Olivia and edit them and start a new blog with just the photography. I still don’t know what to call it but I’ll think of that later on down the road. Ok back to the tax free weekend. Too bad I don’t have the money to go out and purchase a new laptop because I would so get a Mac Book. It’s what I’ve been wanting for so long and so we’ll see if one day I’ll get it. I have so many things that I would love to have but it will be ok. Life isn’t always about the materialistic things as so many people think that they need. Like new TV’s or New furniture. I mean yes if your moving into a new house or just got married or something like that but honestly I don’t think I got that many new things when I got married like a new TV or have gotten one any time lately. I’d love to have an LCD or Plasma TV but it’s not a huge thing if we don’t have one. It’s just a want and not a need. Ok that’s enough of me fussing I’m done for now. I hope that you all have a great night.

Oh yeah….Olivia will be going to Cooper’s Elementary School and not Fairview Early Childcare Center which happens to be in the bad section of town. I’d much rather her go to Coopers too because everyone knows Olivia there and knows me and if there happens to be anything wrong then her Nanie will be there. Sweet!

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