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You know, I have been the one to get into debt just like the rest of the world. I do have several medical bills from when I was uninsured and honestly it had gotten me down but I have taken some actions towards saving up some extra money and also saving money on the day to day bills. Like I can take a shower in lukewarm water and I can take one in less than 5 minutes. Yes this is coming from someone who used to take 20 minute showers in the past. Then I also will wash my laundry in cold water and use the dryer setting on medium instead of high it saves energy too. So I’m doing some things to help out our environment as well and I like that. I’d also like to start getting some Debt consolidation going and if I’d only known about Bills IQ when I was in College and maybe I wouldn’t have gotten into any Credit card debt like so many of us do. But thanks to the help of the internet we can get out of Bankruptcy and so much more. All we need is some education on Debt relief and learning how to Consolidate debt. I only wish I had known that and if I would have listened to my parents then I wouldn’t have had to use any Debt help at that time. It will make you really think about your future and how much you spend. Now my only advice I can give is if you don’t have the money then it’s not worth putting that unneeded item onto a credit card. Plain and Simple. So I hope that I will never have to use Credit counseling but if I do then I can use BillsIQ without a problem.
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