It’s the Start

Today begins the Bloggy Carnival and I have entered into many already. I will continue to do so until I have entered into each one. I hope I win something this time. I might even come up with something to give away too…just need to think of what it might be. Well today I have an appointment at 3pm with my doctor so I can get to feeling better. I really hate being sick! Maybe my headaches are coming from this sinus pain or it could be from my eyes since I’m having a hard time seeing. Who knows? I guess the next two days I will be getting fixed. lol. But on the lighter note I’m thinking about getting back to working out everyday and also starting back on Weight Watchers. It’s a stretch but it’s something I might do. Another thing is I’m thinking about selling my Wii Fit. I just don’t have time to do it anymore and since I workout upstairs there’s no point in keeping it. I bought it thinking I’d use it everyday but I don’t and haven’t used it in over a two weeks. So it’s time to stick with one thing and stay with it for now. Maybe later on I’ll get another one. Plus I have the Wii and never use it either. What is wrong with me? I went on that shopping trip and purchased one but haven’t played it in a while. I guess my life is super busy. I’m going to keep that though for now.

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