Cisco IT Training

Most of you might not know this but when I graduated high school in 1999 my goal was to go to school to get a degree in Information Technologies. I went through all of the courses and had just a few more classes until I would be finished with the degree. I did take many classes and did take part of the Cisco certification but ended up stopping with the certificate after my grandmother passed away in 2001 and it was horrible for me to continue the training but I did learn a lot of information while there and still use it to this day. My teachers were always so kind and when they heard of the death in the family they understood. I sometimes have thought about going back and continuing that education that I gave up but can’t seem to find the time to do so. While I was doing the training there were a lot of people that had the same experience and same compassion that I did for the field. Also the school was quite easy to get along with as well. I mean who can say that they are excited to go to school? I know I was. I was also taking a lot of other things along with getting the certificate that it was hard to keep up. I will say this that if I had known about the Cisco website years ago I’m sure I would have been able to get through the training with flying colors. The website is so informational and honestly I think that I would like to get back to the training. I think that I could use that skill in an everyday situation. What do you think? I think that with the Cisco certification you will have a great deal of success in your career life such as being able to move up in the world, also you could start your own business as well and make a lot of money that way. Also with having that certificate under your belt from Cisco will hold a credibility with an employer than anything because they are such a high quality company.

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