Spreading Creativity

Spreading Creativity

Today I was tagged over at Digital Life Scraps on that I was considered as a Creative Person. Thank you so much too. Well I wanted to tell everyone of my story. So here it goes:

I have always been so much into art and into being creative. Not only was I into visual art but I was also involved in the dancing arts. As far back as I can remember drawing and designing things have always been my true passion. I love to continue to draw and be creative on the computer using photoshop cs3 and also using corel photoshop pro x2. I love taking pictures and turning them into works of art. I will always have a passion for art and for being creative.

{start copying here}


{ created by cathy, please don’t delete the graphics or alter it }

1. Copy the graphics designed by Cathy and then tell us your story about how you came to start designing. It doesn’t matter if it’s “for your eyes only” or you are designing for somebody.
2. Come back here and leave your link where you posted the story. I will add your blogs to the master list. If you have more than 1 blog you need to post the tag to your other blogs as well.
3. Passed it to people you know who makes beautiful crafts.
4. Make sure that you come back here to get the updated list of bloggers who joined the tag. This is a good way to increase our rankings on Technorati at the same time we get to read great stories.

So let’s start spreading those creativity.

1. Anything and Everything in Between
2. Designs By Vhiel
3. Vhiel’s Corner
4. Can of Thoughts
5. Me and My World
6. Real Expectation
7. Big Money List
8. Pinay Mommy Online
9. Blessings and Beyond
10. Digital Life Scraps
11. The Livy Updater

{ end copy here }

Now onto my friends. Here are the friends who I find most creative: Doodlebug Designs, Jenny Up the Hill, The Cox Family, and the pen and the poop.

3 Comments on “Spreading Creativity

  1. thanks for doing the tag… but did you want to leave the message for cathy? this is vhiel the one who originally did the tag but cathy is the one who created the graphics. 🙂

    you are number 10 on the list.

  2. Well thank you very much! I am going to save this for Saturday when I’m doing the 24 hour blogathon thingy…I’ll need something to write about! lol!! Be sure to come by and visit me….and cheer me on!

    This may be a repeat..blogger burped or something! lol!!

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