Day 2 of Dance Camp

Yesterday was Olivia’s 2nd day of dance camp. She is falling more and more in love with it and I’m glad for that. I sometimes think back to the days that I danced and how do I miss that. I really want to do pointe again but I need to lose the weight. I mean I don’t think it would be a problem at all for me to do it now but I just wouldn’t feel right doing it. Plus I think that it would be better if Olivia did dance only. I want to give her the same things I had as a child, it’s her turn now to have her dreams come true. Well back to her dance camp. I peeked through the window yesterday just as the class was over and it was so nice to see that Olivia was listening to directions and was following the lead of the dance teacher. Score! I’ve seen a change in Olivia and how she listens if there are other kids her age there as well. It’s with a respectful dance company too. If anyone knows of a dance company around Rocky Mount that is cheap let me know. I’d like to get Olivia enrolled into a dance company to help with her social skills. 🙂 Today is day 3 of the camp and so more to follow after we return home.

One Commnet on “Day 2 of Dance Camp

  1. When you feel you want to dance again, persue that dream.
    Because it will show your daughter that she’s able to dance whenever she wants to.
    You’re not taking away her dream, just showing her that one needs to follow dreams.

    I did, and was on stage with 5 of my children a few years ago.

    It was marvellous for all of us!

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