Kings Dominion!

Yesterday Olivia and I ventured up to Richmond to visit with my cousin and her family and to go enjoy Kings Dominion. We had a blast!!! We have learned in this visit that Olivia and Cameron are so alike to the T and that they can do anything together and actually get along very well. We also learned that Olivia LOVES Roller Coasters. She rode the little Coaster at first and then she was ready for the Scooby Doo Ghost Coaster. She rode that thing the first time and loved it. We even purchased the picture because it was her first true thrill ride. After that ride we went and did other things. Plus she rode the Scooby Doo Haunted Ghost Ride and had fun on that and we also rode the Avalance Ride and she loved that one. I got the pleasure of riding a few rides myself like Anaconda, Stunt Coaster, The Crypt and The Dominator. The dominator is the new ride at Kings Dominion and WOW I love that ride. I could have gone on that the whole day but we wanted to ride other things too. So it looks like next year we will get the season passes for Olivia and I and maybe with the money I earn for blogging I can purchase them with that money. 🙂 You never know. I’m now saving up for my Christmas so the paypal account is off limits. LOL. So we’ll go from there. Maybe I’ll hide the card from myself so I won’t use it. We plan on going to Kings Dominion in the fall and spend time with Betsy and the family again. 🙂

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