Lifetime Vacation

My Most Memoriable Vacation

I remember when my family and I took a trip to Atlanta. I believe it was in the year 1995 just before the Olympics were supposed to happen there. We went to many places in Atlanta that included a trip to the Coca-Cola Museum, a trip to the Underground Mall and also we did a few more other things like to eat at The Varsity. It was a great trip because we also went White Water Rafting on the Ocoee River which is where the Kayaking for the Olympics was going to be held. Gosh that was so much fun doing that because my brother went out of the back of the raft on the first little rapid we went on I believe it was called “Grumpy’s Nose”. It was so much fun because our guide looked like he so belonged in Southern California instead of GA and it was overall one of the best vacations that we ever too! At the Coca-Cola Museum we got to take lots of pictures in different things like those boards that has just the head cut out and we at the end of the tour/museum part got to taste a lot of soda’s that hadn’t yet been released. Ah that was so much fun to us because as most people know by now that Coca-Cola is my favorite soda in the whole world. I’d much rather drink that over Pepsi!! It just might be a northerner thing too. Also when we went to The Varsity that was the best food I think I have ever tasted. Yes it might have been extra greasy but that was what they were famous for. If I remember correctly I got a hot dog and fries. Yummy! Now there are many other Things to do in Atlanta through Trusted Tours & Attractions.

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