Charter internet

High Speed Internet for $14.99/a month!!!

Man! If only we were lucky enough to be able to snatch up this awesome deal that Charter is offering. Charter is offering High Speed Internet for only $14.99 a month! Plus this record low deal comes with a 30 day risk free trial and also a $25 Shell Gift Card with online purchases. How cool is that? I love our high speed internet but we are not getting the awesome deal like Charter internet is giving out. I think in all honesty it’s an awesome thing to do! Now some of the features that you get with Charter High Speed Internet is you will get 10 e-mail accounts which is much greater than any other online service because I think we get only 7. You also will get 20MB for Webpages, have Automatic virus protection to help with spyware and all, you can download in seconds compared to minutes with dial-up, plus you get the fastest and most reliable internet speeds out there. I would also like to state that if I didn’t have embarq HSI I would get Charter HSI. I think that it’s a great new opportunity plus you can check your email anywhere in the US and the world. Hurry this offer is only for a Limited amount of Time and will end soon. So hurry on over and get in on this awesome deal!

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