Lately Olivia has been on this obsession of fish and especially with any fish in Finding Nemo. She saw lots of Dory’s and one clown fish at the Ripley’s Aquarium this past Thursday in Myrtle Beach. She enjoyed seeing all of the fish and yes even reciting some of the quotes that came out of the movie Finding Nemo. Well Olivia has been asking for another fishie since her last three had died. I figured that maybe we weren’t using the correct fish food and if we had been then maybe Memo, Dory and Daddy Fish would still be with us. Well I have realized that maybe getting the fish from Walmart was not the brightest idea I had but at that time I didn’t have much money at all and well Olivia really wanted one. But if we do get another fish then I will get the fish food from http://www.aquariumguys.com/fish-food.html and we will get much better quality fish food for a cheaper price. I was also thinking that if we do decide to get a fish aquarium like I remember we had back in the day then we could order the food from the website and really get us some nice deals. I think in the long run it will work out best for us since I’m always looking for awesome deals to get online or at the store. I find that shopping online lately has been a blessing because it has been saving me gas money compared to shopping in town. So for whatever reason you need to shop online or if you have a fish tank and need some quality fish food then head on over to http://www.aquariumguys.com/fish-food.html. You will be pleasantly surprised at the prices there as I was. 🙂

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