Wii Fit

So today I got my hands on a Wii Fit. I have been wanting one and since I got my Wii on Friday I’ve been keeping a close eye on where I can get one. Well this morning I had my appointment in Rocky Mount at 10 and was out of there within 15 minutes so to kill some time until I met up with two of my bestest friends for lunch I headed on over to the mall. I was going to check with the GameStop there and instead went into Best Buy first. I looked around and saw one by a register so I thought that it had been taken. Wrong. I asked an associate if they had any Wii Fit’s and played stupid like I didn’t see one. She turned around and said we have this one and only left. Supposedly it had been returned this morning because someone had gotten an extra one. Sweet! I grabbed it and ran to the checkout. Perfect!!! Now I couldn’t wait to get home and try it.

This evening Terry picked up Olivia from me at Walmart and so I couldn’t wait to get home and try the fit. I had to do some cleaning before hand but afterwards I tried it out. Wow! I love it already. I did several rounds of Hula Hoop and Yoga. I also did some strength exercises and some balancing too. Very cool. I might have looked retarded doing the hula hoop but let me tell you…that’s an ab workout for ya! My abs will definitely be sore tomorrow morning. Plus when I weighed myself it said that I was a little heavier than this morning but I had just eaten dinner too when I tried it out. So it looks like tomorrow morning I will try it out again. Olivia is staying the night with her daddy so I won’t have to leave early and drop her off at school. Yeah! I might just get up and go ahead and workout on the fit and then go ahead and get ready for the day. I can’t wait!

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