Since we are going to a cookout and fireworks party tomorrow I need to get my camera ready and fully charged. I’m also praying that I don’t forget the little flash memory card like I normally do. I’m the worst for remembering what I need to bring with me. It would be helpful if I just returned the card to the camera after I am done loading it onto my computer instead of leaving it out there for me to lose. But did you know that not only did those memory cards work in your computer but it will also work in the Wii and work in my cell phone. Yes I have a 1GB card for my phone and I’m supposed to format it before I use it in my phone? Ok so I didn’t know that and that would explain why I couldn’t use it when I was trying to load up my phone with ringtones. Oh well, lesson learned. But if you need a new memory card then go get one their not too expensive either.

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