What a Beautiful Day!

Today so far has turned out to be a quite pleasant day. It’s not too hot and it does have a nice gentle breeze so what could you ask for? I know that I would like to have this kind of weather all the time myself. This morning we have opened the camper and we are getting it ready for our trip to the beach next week. Olivia is very excited to get to stay in the camper and it’s going to be a full fledge adventure for us all since she has never been camping. There will be lots of pictures next weekend for sure. So I will be MIA a couple of the days but that will be ok with us because we will be at the beach. I might get online for a few minutes while down there but not for very long. 🙂 I might even take Olivia to Ripley’s Aquarium as well because she has wanted to go to the Aquarium before and see the fishies. 🙂 Well we’ll have to do something cool while we’re down there. 🙂 I’m praying that we have good weather too.

Well I’ll write more later but i have to go back to work. 🙂

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