Yesterday Actually turned out to be a nice day. We got up and went to Target first to see if I could find a Wii Fit. Negative on that one. But I did get Olivia a nice little prize for behaving on Saturday Night, even without the nap part. Then we headed to Tarboro and went to my inlaws for lunch. After lunch, Olivia went right on down for her nap and I went on to my nephews play, Anne of Green Gables which happens to be one of my favorite books and movie. The play was great and I really enjoyed myself too. Afterwards, I dropped my niece off at home and went on back to my inlaws. They then went ahead and gave us what we needed for our trip to the beach and we went on home. It looked like it was going to storm so we went and got the dog after we made it home. It was super nice to have the storms come through except for the fact that they rolled through just as my show, Army Wives had begun. That’s ok though…I’ll watch it tonight online I guess. Olivia went right on down for me too. It was nice too. The storms woke her up but we are having this issue now with Monsters in her closet and under her bed so she won’t go to bed now until we spray for monster repellent (thanks Terry for the idea). Well that’s about it for now. I had some things said to me today at a doctors appointment and I will say this that I will need some prayers. Just a lot of things going on in my life right now.

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