We Got a Wii!!!

Yes. I did say it. We got a Wii! I have been saving my money and not spending it on more or less junk! This is a game system that I have been wanting and after hearing that so many people have it and also I have several friends who have one and all they do is rave about it. I might see if one of my best friends, Casey can loan me a game or two until we can figure out which ones we want to get. I have been interested in getting the Wii Fit which would get more use than anything because it comes with 40 games itself. Wow! We did however get the Wii Sports Games with it. Olivia has already mastered the bowling game and my 4 year old can get two strikes in a row!!! Tonight we might have a family bowling night. I do need to get another controller as well but that will come with time. LOL.

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