Table Lamps

With my brother having just moved into his new apartment I know that he is needing some light in it. I have on numerous times thought about buying him a new table lamp but then realized that I didn’t have the money to do so. But I think that when I get paid I might have to get him a nice one. It would be nice to have next to his bed on the night stand so that he could use that instead of having to get up out of the bed to turn the light off. I have one currently beside my bed and it’s one that means the world to me. My grandfather, Pop-Pop Rex made it. Well he made the shade part. He was the handy one around the house and after living with us for so many years we had grown to love his stained glass items he created. He made that lamp shade and he made us plenty of things to enjoy and still have around. So I think that I will get my brother a new table lamp. He could use it. 🙂

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