Bunk Bed

Olivia has been blessed in getting Elizabeth’s and mine old bunk bed. We originally got this bed to use while we shared a room in the Wheaton house and then when we moved to Columbia we had to share in the Ant House (Rental House) and then when we moved into the new house in Columbia we got to get our own seperate beds. Then as we moved to our house here in Nashville we had to share a room again until my parents got the new edition added onto the house for their room. So we once again used the bunk bed. It was fun too. We mastered how to do flips off the bed and even had a good time. It was well worth the money that my parents paid for it and we even remember driving home with it from Potomac Mills and setting it up that night. But now Olivia gets to join in on the same adventures that we had. She will not be having the bottom bed there instead we’re going to make it a little play area for her and give her more room to dance and play. We might even look into getting a little kitchen to put there and make it her little play house. The options and ideas are endless there. 🙂 So I have a true Big Girl. I can’t believe she is getting so big!!!

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