Board Games

Recently Olivia has taken up interest in playing board games. She and I played on Monday evening instead of going outdoors to play. We played CandyLand and she loved that game. She of course won and I lost. I kept coming up with the cards to move back to the little characters while she got all the good ones like none of them. I think this was rigged. Just joking. She’s also very good at playing Chutes and Ladders. She wants more games like this so when I get paid I’ll probably go out and purchase a new game for her. That will be very nice. I’m also trying to teach her how to play UNO so that when we go to the beach we can play with her. This is a tradition we always have played in the camper as a family. So we want to include Olivia on this trip too.

Speaking of the camper, yes we are taking that to the beach. But what we plan on doing is to set it up in the backyard a couple days before Nanie and Granddaddy take off to the beach and we’re going to spend the night in it. Kind of get her prepared for staying in one instead of a hotel room. I think it will be an adventure to her and of course I’m going to get some pictures too. We’re going to pack a small bag for the night and only come into the house to eat dinner…and to go to the bathroom. So it looks like we have a mini-camp out coming up in the next week. 🙂 We can’t wait!

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