The week..

I can’t believe the week is almost half up. It seems like it just started. This week has been extremely busy with life. I’ve been working on putting Olivia to bed at a decent time and it’s been hard because she screams when she’s put down because I won’t let her leave her light on (she dances and plays if I do that) and finally she calms down enough and goes to sleep. Monday night she screamed for a good 30 minutes and then went to bed. Last night she only fussed for about 15 minutes and then went to bed. I’ve also realized that if I let her listen to the radio it helps calm her down more. She always listened to a cd at night but she would get up and change the cd halfway through. So the radio seems more logic now because she doesn’t know how to change it…yet.

Last night for dinner we had fish sticks, french fries and some kind of fruit. I had some peaches and Olivia had oranges…her favorite. I was feeling in the mood to put vinegar on my fries along with some old bay seasoning. Yummy. Felt like I was back home in Maryland. Perfect for the summer. I’ve been told it’s a Northern Thing and that’s fine with me. I love to eat them like that. Tonight for dinner is up in the air. We might have leftovers or we might fix some fresh chicken on the grill and cook up some veggies with it. I might make some kabobs. Don’t know yet though. Dad has to go to church tonight and we’re going to stay home. Olivia is going to go to bed tonight at 8:30pm. It seems like it has been working though. One thing though…she has been wetting her bed lately. Last night was the 2nd night in a row for her to wet the bed. I think it might be the changing of the bedtimes but who knows. She is getting better too all around. With me working with her I feel that it has been doing some good. She still is full of energy when she gets up until the time I put her to bed. Where is all that coming from…I want some! Even her teacher wants some of it. She was cute today when I dropped her off at school. She looked at me and said bye mom…no tears no nothing. It was nice!

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