Olivia has been begging me to sign her up for Gymnastics. I once did gymnastics and loved it. I had to do it to help with my coordination as a child and still to this day I wonder where would I be with it if I didn’t stop? You never know. Actually I used to go to the same gym that Dominque Dawes would train at in Maryland. Oh how I miss that. But back to Olivia. Everytime we go somewhere that has cute outfits that shows cheering or dance or gymnastics on it she asks if she can get it. She is always doing tumbling in the house and has taught herself how to kind of do a cartwheel or as she calls it…a flip. Very cute. I’ll have to get a video of her when she comes home tomorrow. Well here is a question for all of you. Does your child do Gymnastics, where and about how much does it cost? I’m trying to get ideas so that I can plan for my child to live her dreams. I’ve asked her time and time again if this is what she really wants to do and she told me yes. So it looks like we might have a winner here in her activities.

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