Hopefully Changing Schools

Today I went down to the DMV to have my drivers license changed over to my address where I’m living so that I could go down to Nashville Elementary School to have the address changed over to our address where we live now and to hopefully enroll her there for PreK. Since she was already accepted into the PreK program I don’t see where that would be a problem. I think I will be here for at least several months so it will be good. I still need to get Livy a backpack from L.L. Bean since I had one and I have another one now that I love. She wants a pink one I’m sure. It’s so hard to believe that my little one will be beginning school this fall. Where has the time gone to? I still want it to be 2 years ago when life was perfect but we all wish our little ones were still little. I know I do all the time but I can’t always get what I want and neither can my child! So I went to the school and no one was there. I guess I’ll try on Monday morning and keep trying. I mean why not?

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