life insurance for kids

Life Insurance?

I have a question for all my readers out there. Do you have any life insurance on you kid/kids? I know that we have some on Livy because when she was an infant she was very sick and we honestly didn’t know what would happen. But with the insurance if anything were to happen to her we would be able to use the insurance for her funneral. Gosh. I hate even mentioning that but it’s true. I don’t know what I would be without my Livy but I was almost without her as she was an infant. Anyways, if you don’t have any you can go check out this website that has life insurance for kids. It’s very informational as well.

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  1. We do have insurnace on our boys. We already had a policy for the hubby & I and it didn’t cost much to add them. My thought was that if I lost either of them I’d be so devestated I don’t know if I’d be of mind to be working – and for who knows how long afterward. So maybe its for pretty selfish reasons, but the $$ we shell out for it each month is worth it to us!

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