So we didn’t go grocery shopping. Instead we headed to the mall and looked for shoes and of course came up empty handed. But that’s ok, because I might be heading to Greenville to go to Kohls and some other stores out there this week but I can’t always get what I want. I really want to go eat at RuckerJohns but like I said I can’t always get what I want. So after we went to the Mall we went to Walmart in Nashville and picked up a few things we needed and one thing we didn’t need. A new car seat. LOL. Yes thanks to paypal and also to the gift cards I got for graduation I got Olivia a new car seat. She loves it too and now Terry has a car seat for his vehicle. I wasn’t thinking about me but I was helping him out with him having a car seat for when it’s his turn to spend time with Olivia. After walmart we came home and Olivia got to go swimming in the new pool. Sweet! She can touch the bottom too and so we have figured out that she loves this one. Yes we could have gotten a bigger one but this is one fine. Works perfect for her and she played her little heart out. I didn’t get a picture of her though because I was enjoying being outdoors. We also set up Hershey’s pool and let him go swimming too. It must be hard to be a dog. LOL. Olivia is upstairs in bed and I’m not too far behind her. I’m tired and we both need to get our rest.

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