This weekend we decided to purchase a pool and we have filled it up and waiting for the water to warm up and we have to attach the pump too. I’m so excited because that means that we can swim in the pool and also get tan this summer. Yeah! I’m also thinking about going to the tanning place in Nashville and getting a month of unlimited tanning. I want to look nice this summer. Livy and I are going to go grocery shopping and also we need to go to Walmart and pick up a few things from there. After shopping we’ll be coming back home and putting the things up and might take a dip in the pool. 🙂 I’m so excited that we got one. It’s pretty nice that we finally can go swimming and not have to drive anywhere to get to the pool. Will help save a lot of gas in the long run!

Oh yeah, my little garden is doing great. I have a picture above of my 4 tomato plants and my 1 cucumber plant. Yes I’m becoming quite the little gardener:)

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  1. WHoo hoo for the garden. I have two tomato plants, one little salad tomato plant and one regular tomato plant… cucumbers, corn, egg plants and bell pepper!!! It’s so much fun!

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