Thinking…Lifes Little lessons.

Lately I have been rethinking how I am as a person. I went to my therapist yesterday and she told me to get a little notebook and everytime I have a negative thought about anything to write it down. It’s to help me get straightened up. So these are my thoughts for today…

~I feel like I have lost a best friend by talking negatively too much about myself.
~I’m broke as a joke!
~I wish I could have gone to the beach today but I couldn’t. Gas is way too high for me to afford it!
~I pray that someone that I know is ok. Their voicemail keeps picking up and no answer.
~I wish my life wasn’t as complicated as it is!
~There is nothing more than to have a friend that will stick with you through thick and thin and through lifes arguments that should come along
~I sometimes let lifes simple things get to me.
~I get upset over every little thing and I shouldn’t.
~I sometimes get upset over things that my friends and family tell me…even though they are sometimes correct.
~I wish it wasn’t so hot outside.
~I’m tired and going to bed.

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