Pool Party Time!

Last night we had a pool party and cookout to go to for my nephews 16th birthday! Yes he turned 16 and has his drivers license (beware everyone!). Just kidding. But we had a great time. After work I picked up Livy and we headed to Target to get him something for his birthday. Since we didn’t know what movies or cd’s he had we got him a gift card. Let him choose his gift. Then we went on to Tarboro and got dressed for swimming. I never did get in the pool because Livy didn’t want me to go swimming with her. She was a big girl and mommy wasn’t allowed in the pool. Go figure. Well I did take a picture of me in my swimsuit and I like it.

Well Livy was a little scared of the water at first but then she got used to the idea of being a big girl and started swimming. Actually she looked like she was running instead of swimming but it got her where she wanted to go. The deep end. LOL. She swam for about 1 hour and then we ate dinner. Jim (my BIL) fixed some chicken for Livy and she ate a good portion of it. I ate two hamburgers but I only ate part of the cake slice I was given and so it was good. Yummy! After we ate dinner I allowed Livy to swim a little longer and then it was time to go home. So we packed up said our Happy Birthday’s to the birthday boy and then went on back home. Livy was tired but didn’t want to sleep.

Today I have set up a pool for Livy to play in the backyard with and so maybe she’ll be able to cool off some. It’s a scorcher out there again and all weekend it’ll be this hot. Maybe I will take some time and head to my bil’s house for a nice dip in the pool. I know Sunday I will be going there:) Yeah!

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