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I have been a BzzAgent for over 2 years now and love each and every moment of sharing what I have received or what I have found online. I’ve always been a big sharer so I’m wanting to share this new website with you. Have you ever wanted to check out your health care provider but didn’t know how to? Well now you can and you can check out your child pediatrician, your family doctor or a specialist on this site. It’s called CheckMD and it’s where you can check it all out there. They have a lot of doctors on there from all over the country and it puts my mind to ease on some of them. So as a mother I want to make sure that my child has the best doctors out there and I’ve read some of the reviews on most of her doctors and they are all to what I am looking for. So if you too would like to check out your child’s doctor or even your’s check out CheckMD.

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